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The Performance Management System of the
Arkansas Department of Health

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This tool identifies relevant standards, objectives, and measures of success throughout Arkansas Department of Health's (ADH) programs and practices. These standards, objectives and measures are aligned to the agency’s mission, strategic plan and improvement plan.

The system was developed to support an agency-wide approach to quality by allowing for monitoring, analysis, and reporting of performance data  It provides access to:

  • ADH Strategic Plan, including its goals and objectives, and progress made on activities to achieve its goals and objectives dashboard of performance measures (also referred to as indicators).

  • A dashboard of performance measures (also referred to as indicators).  These indicators are critical to performance management activities throughout the agency.  The indicators were selected by members of each ADH Center.

Purpose of the Performance Management System

This tool will assist with:

  • Understanding the work of the health department,

  • Monitoring performance,

  • Identifying areas for increased focus,

  • Supporting a culture of performance improvement throughout the agency, and

  • Promoting information sharing among ADH staff.

The content of this Performance Management System will evolve over time as measures are refined and improved and as the agency’s strategic plan changes.

You may use the menu above or the following links to navigate this site.

The links below give access to performance indicators selected by the Health Department's Centers.

Office of Administration - Protects and improves the health and well-being of all Arkansans with a vision for optimal health for all citizens.

Center for Public Health Practice - Emphasizing elements essential to an effective, strong community health presence, which include the compilation, publication and analysis of reports on health statistics and the study of the distribution of diseases and impairments and  injuries.

Center for Local Public Health - Empowers local communities to take ownership of health problems and to work to identify and implement solutions that improve the health of the citizens

Center for Health Advancement - Promotes health among Arkansans of all ages through evidence-based health promotion activities, preventive health services and public health policies.

Center for Health Protection - Uses science-based approaches to assist communities in protecting the health and safety of the people of Arkansas by preventing, detecting and responding to infectious diseases; preparing for and responding to natural disasters and intentional health threats; responding to emergencies and preventing injuries;  ensuring control and accountability of controlled substances; and assuring the quality of health care facilities and services.

Public Health Laboratory - Provides laboratory analysis and reporting of clinical and environmental samples, alcohol testing, microbiological testing of water for private individuals, neonatal screening of newborns, identification of organisms referred from clinical laboratories, certification of municipal water laboratories for microbiological testing, FDA compliance certification of milk industry dairy laboratories and unknown biological and chemical substance testing.

Maintained by:
Letitia de Graft-Johnson, DrPH, MHSA 
ADH Office of Performance Improvement Management

For more information about ADH and its Centers